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West High Class of 1969  50th Reunion

"The Beat Goes On"

     Celebrated on October 18-19, 2019

  at the

       Wigwam Resort

    Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

BEST 50th Reunion in West High history!

If you were unable to attend, you missed one of the most wonderful reunions ever! You were also missed as we all had opportunities to renew old and make new friendships. Please continue to let us know of changes in your life as well as alerting us of any losses from our class. 



How many of you enjoyed this place on Thomas and 24th Ave?
Picture suppled by Gary Fasula

I have been wanting to write a post since the conclusion of our wonderful 50th Reunion week-end back in October. Words seemed elusive as it went way too fast and after a year of work with my fellow "Team T-Bird" committee members not enough time was available to visit with so many of you. Mostly, I'd just like to express thanks to you that attended. Many went to great lengths and traveled long distances to be with the rest of us. It was bliss to see all of you and have the opportunity to share memories and express appreciation for each other and the splice of life that we shared during our four years at West.

Following is a lovely piece written by my friend and committee-mate, Stephen Thompson. He does such a perfect job of expressing all the feelings that washed over many of us at the 50th. I asked his permission to share, and he agreed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did....Ginni Weaver Lionberger


Whereas '69 is Mighty Fine and West is the Best, a 50-year gathering was planned. Nothing unusual in this age of 50th reunions. Woodstock, Abbey Road, Easy Rider, A Moon-landing, The Age of Aquarius, Tie-Dye, Wars & Love-Ins.

As it was, the premier class of the iconic West Phoenix High School planned to gather at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, Arizona to assess the significance of their part in the revolutionary time of the late 60's.

With an emphasis on broader meaning, classmates found resolve in that singular moment. They focused on faces, places, memories, families, experiences and renewed friendships. A few new relationships were born, as well. Ground was laid for enduring friendships that had lain dormant for half a century.

New best friends emerged and carnal pasts revisited. Incredible beauty finally recognized once invisible, silent sophomoric admiration as mutual. Parallel lives merged into a single time and space.

As the evening evolved, it dawned upon the room that something brave and profound had occurred. Yes, schedules were adhered to, recognitions recognized and formalities formalized. Reunion business had been taken care of, however magical moments had taken place.

It was a "reunion" in the purest, most basic sense. It was a merging of hearts and minds as significant as any that may have occurred back in the day, in the Quad, on the field and in the hallways & classrooms.

Enter the Committee-mates, charged with shaping what would be the finale to a year of effort and the experience of a lifetime. Their mission to gather and then send light hearts and energized souls out into a big world to share the newfound love and joy of that gathering.

No more than a group of classmates finding their ways separately in a complex world, walking the path to the Wigwam arm-in-arm, searching for one more opportunity for the '69ers to make a statement, one of light, love, and commonality. No small task.

Then.....It was all over much too quickly as memories followed the Class of '69 out the door and into the future. Something had changed and through the tears and cheers, "The Happening" was a wonderfully good time for all.

All Hail to West High, Hail to Thee!

Thanks to the Reunion Committee -- they did a spectacular job pulling all the right pieces together for a great celebration. It was wonderful rekindling old friendships and making new ones -- seeing what life has brought over these past decades.
Richard Cohen

Absolutely spectacular reunion. Many, many thanks to all who contributed. The Wigwam with its spacious and beautiful venue allowed for much mingling and meeting. The incredible donations from Mel Schulz allowed for this event to be so welcoming and delightful. The contributions of the committee were overwhelming---from notification, badges, decor, food, table arrangements, coordination of all events, food, program, memorial boards, songs, video, pictures,----absoutely tremendous.
Our appreciation and thanks---to all of you for organizing, donating time, energy, commitment, money, thoughts, ideas, work------and making this an event of a lifetime. THANK YOU.
Kristina Erickson

Dear Team 50th West High Reunion,

Wow...that was just about perfect! Many thanks for all your efforts to track down our class mates and mount a beautifull executed weekend. It was so well organized and actually very classy! Thanks to your generosity of time, your creativity and all that love! I felt the love throughout...and feel closer now to you all because of it.

Thanks for the photos, the music, the videos. I laughed telling my friends yesterday that the reunion concluded with singing AGE OF AQUARIOUS!

Mel, thanks so much for your generosity. Mike, you were a hilarious joke teller Dennis thanks for those moments of remembering so many who we have lost. Joni, it was awesome that you chaired the committee and Ginny your warmth and enthusiasm made it impossible not to come!. To everyone else, I hope you are feeling satified that all that work was so appreciated! I will remain forever indebted to you for renewing our connection to each other. With much love and admiration, xoxojanis plotkin

ps Come visit the SF Bay Area, I miss you already!!!