20th Reunion 1989

20th Reunion of West High class of 1969

In closing...... 

As the years go by it becomes increasingly clear to me that the Class of *69 is truly a choice group. As children of the 50's and 60's we watched a prosperous, happy-go-lucky America view the pursuit of a man on the moon and the love of gas-guzzling beautiful big cars. We grieved as we watched political and civil rights leaders of our country be assassinated* and were spared little of the daily horrors of Viet Nam* all through the medium of television news which virtually did not exist before our generation.

As teen-agers of the 60*s, we rocked-out to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, wore maltese crosses and peace signs, dreamed of warm San Franciscan nights, the wonders of Haight-Ashbury and catching a real wave. The 70's and 80's have exposed us to the real world, jobs,military, relationships, homes, children, payments, payments, payments. The computer revolution has far surpassed the concept I ever imagined in John Hill's data processing keypunch class. 

Take a look around you, the majority of business today is being run by our age group. Our generation was considered by many to be made up of rebels,  America was believed doomed to fall to flower power.

I happen to believe that rebellious spirit is what led us to question, search and self-motivate to become what we are today. We still carry traditional values, but we are the first generation to test the limits, open our minds to the acceptance of all people, and change the rebellious label to one of creativity; creativity that knows no bounds. The only limits for our future will be those we place on ourselves.

I'd like to leave you with two of my favorite motivational sayings: "Don't be afraid to go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is". and "Success only means picking yourself up one more time than you fall**. I hope you're as proud to be a participant in this generation as I am, and damn proud to be an American.

Keep on truckin' 69'ers, and Happy Trails until we meet in another five years!

Mitzi Brodie